Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Gas Can Thingy


IMG_4346 (640x480)

This year we will be stocking the Gas Can Thingy from Craigger built

IMG_4347 (480x640)

It has a base plate that mounts to your snowmobile tunnel

Your jerry can then be quickly unattached by just pulling the handle that you see on the right.

No more tie straps and bungee cords!


IMG_4348 (640x480)

Craigger built also has a storage bag that attaches the same way.

Great Christmas Gift idea

IMG_4350 (480x640)

The Jerry can kit retails for $110, the mounting kit retails for $28

There is a mounting kit for the Polaris, the Skidoo XP, and a Universal Mounting kit.

Remember that you can purchase gift certificates from The Sled Parlor Inc.

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