Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wondering what to get your Snowmobile for Christmas?

Are you dreaming of fresh powder and hill climbs? Do you want to add a few extras to your machine this year?

Here are a few of our favourite aftermarket “goodies”.

Quick Clickers:
Are you tired of pulling out wrenches to adjust your TRA clutch? These innovative gizmos allow you adjust your ramp angle in a matter of seconds.

SLP Flow-Rite Intake Kits:
These Flow-Rites and pre filter socks are made with a powder sno pre-filter that is amazing at repelling snow and water, but allowing air to flow. Do you need more air flow? Are you blowing belts? These placed properly will give you better airflow around your clutches and will stop your machine from eating belts.

Hyperfax slide Rails:
These slide rails reduce heat when you are riding fast or on hard snow. They definitely extend your slide rail life. They also improve fuel economy!

Simmons Flexi-Ski:
These are one of Landon’s new additions and he says they make going up the trail an easy ride. They give more control, less strain on arms and shoulders, stop darting, and they slide over bumps and ruts with incredible control. They are a wide ski with dual carbide so they float over snow, while giving you controlled steering. Excellent for side hilling.

Slide Savers:
Are you over heating on hard packed trails? These slide savers easily mount on your skid frame, they scratch the snow giving you much needed cooling and can be tucked up out of the way when they are not needed.

Big Wheel Offset Axle Kit:
For less rolling resistance and free horsepower use these axle kits with 8” wheels. This kit also moves your axle location up and forward from your stock axle location.

Boss Seats:
Need to lose a few pounds? The boss seat on average weights 6 pounds, and is three inches taller allowing for a much more comfortable ride if you have raised your handle bars. They also come with a handy storage compartment.

Power Madd Handgaurds:
These can be used on snowmobiles, ATV, dirt bikes and more. Your hands will stay allot warmer with these to stop the wind. Get in a full day of riding without freezing your fingers.

For more “extras” like handle bar hooks, Handle bar risers, clutch kits, Hand warmers, windshields and more just contact us.

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